Austin Puppet Users Group – Join our Meetup!

It’s been too long since our initial meetup so i’m thrilled to be getting some dates on the calendar. Right now, we plan on having the meetup be the 2nd Tuesday of each month  from 6:30 pm until 8ish with a special meetup on the 28th of October so we can have a PuppetConf 2015 recap and talk about some of the rather massive changes coming to Puppet over the next release cycles.

The Meetup will be hosted at HomeAway’s new Domain office in  Austin – fairly easy access off Mo-Pac right next door to Whole Foods.

You can register for the Austin Puppet Users Group here:

Austin Puppet User Group

Austin, TX
11 Puppeteers

Welcome to the Austin Puppet User Group! We meet most months to discuss configuration management, meet other Puppet users, listen to talks on Puppet, and learn from each other…

Check out this Meetup Group →

The event schedule and calendar should be going up by 10/17. Please be sure to register if you plan on coming and note if you will be bringing along any buddies (we highly recommend coming with a friend or co-worker!)

If you would like to present, request topics or share anything with the group, please join the discussion and let us know!


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