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Feedback on “Those first few steps”

On twitter & Skype I received lots of great feedback on dealing with anxiety – and not just anxiety on public speaking, but any kind of anxiety & triggers.

One of the web links that resonated with me the most with public speaking, anxiety and the buildup of fear was sent over by @UberGeekGirl, seriouspony – The method described here is awesome in that it isn’t trying to sell me something, isn’t trying to get me to deliver in a specific way or copy a pattern, it’s about changing the frame of mind and how you think of your presentation and what you do.  I’ve book marked the page and added it to my talk “kanban” I use so that every talk I do, I re-read that post so I don’t focus on everything I don’t need to focus on (what a stress reliever!). I wish I had thought of this myself and thank Jessica for sending me that link.

Some other suggestions I really liked were from @SoberBuildEng.  This one just make so much sense to me I wonder why I haven’t been practicing it. These little things you can do on a daily basis add up over time…  Practice Practice & Practice.

A great Book recommendation from Will – already purchased on my kindle 🙂 I’ve seen this pop up quite a bit.

And more friendly advice from @UberGeekGirl – an excellent talk on great talks.  I know this is somewhat contrary to the Seriouspony link mentioned above of trying to focus too much on me and my talk style but in many ways, having a known formula that works is a huge piece of mind and definitely worth sharing!
I also enjoyed seeing this on my timeline as I know I need to remind myself to take some time off.

Sometimes I seriously feel some of my anxiety stems not just from perfection/workaholic mindsets but from the fact that having a work-life balance is hard when you have a day job & you’re concerned about working all night on talks (or whatever the engagement is)..  Being afraid of success is a weird thing to think of, but I do believe that if I’m honest to myself it probably is one of those factors in the anxiety. I haven’t been putting as much effort into “me time” as I should that I let the fear of having no “me time” prevent me from doing awesome. (please note, I work for and I think its awesome they did this video as its just as fitting for the public as it is for its own employees)

I’ve promised myself (and my family) to use those vacation days, step away from it all and enjoy life and not let “yet another fear” make me that much more worried.  I’ve even planned out my calendar of “Me” days and tentative vacation plans well out through the next  year so as I do talks / CFPs and extra activities after work, they not only come second to my day job, but second to *me* and my family..  In a way, I’m already at ease as I feel a sense of relief  in planning this out that I know the “me” i’m concerned about is the “happy me” as I need to be, not the “me” I think I need to be for everyone else.

Thanks everyone for the great discussions and as always, if you have any advice or suggestions – i’m all ears!  In hindsight some of this seems so simple.. Hopefully some of what I shared helps you too!

Still working on it and I’ll provide more feedback after I do my next talks & speaking engagements!


Austin Puppet Users Group – Join our Meetup!

It’s been too long since our initial meetup so i’m thrilled to be getting some dates on the calendar. Right now, we plan on having the meetup be the 2nd Tuesday of each month  from 6:30 pm until 8ish with a special meetup on the 28th of October so we can have a PuppetConf 2015 recap and talk about some of the rather massive changes coming to Puppet over the next release cycles.

The Meetup will be hosted at HomeAway’s new Domain office in  Austin – fairly easy access off Mo-Pac right next door to Whole Foods.

You can register for the Austin Puppet Users Group here:

Austin Puppet User Group

Austin, TX
11 Puppeteers

Welcome to the Austin Puppet User Group! We meet most months to discuss configuration management, meet other Puppet users, listen to talks on Puppet, and learn from each other…

Check out this Meetup Group →

The event schedule and calendar should be going up by 10/17. Please be sure to register if you plan on coming and note if you will be bringing along any buddies (we highly recommend coming with a friend or co-worker!)

If you would like to present, request topics or share anything with the group, please join the discussion and let us know!

Update: Heading to DevOps Enterprise Summit!

Thanks to contributions from friends & family, support from the conference and support from my new place of work, I’ll be able to attend the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco next week!  I really appreciate everyone helping make such a short notice trip possible!

I look forward to joining a panel discussion with some great talent to discuss the work we did on our DevOps audit defense toolkit.

Check out the conference and speakers here,  catch me on twitter if you will be there, would love to meet in person!

Good Bye Luminex, Hello HomeAway

October was a month of change for me. I’ve said good-bye to my great friends at Luminex Corporation and started a new job with working in the cloud engineering team. This opportunity will afford me more time to dive deeper into large scale platforms, distributed systems and more DevOps patterns & processes but I still plan on completing much of the work I started with my blog about Enterprise DevOps Patterns and Enterprise DevOps Audit Defense.

I have a huge back-log of posts i’ve written up that I just need to cleanup and get published and I look forward to continuing the discussion of large “Enterprise” applications in a “DevOps” flow.

More to come and I hope with a lot more frequency 🙂